Whether you want to play or just relax, Lilac Haven is the best of both worlds.
If it's relaxing you want, you can sit out on the nice cool deck and enjoy the view
or hang out in the theatre room and enjoy some movies. If you are looking for
some play time, the beach can be found within a short distance.
ATV and hiking trails are just a short drive away, with many more activities to enjoy nearby.
At 6,000 square feet it provides adequate space for large groups. Its open floor plan is
excellent for large gatherings and also has 7 private bedrooms if you want some time to yourself.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What’s in a name?

Some people might wonder why on earth would we name a house Lilac Haven?  Well, as some of you may know, many of the rentals near Bear Lake have names.  For those that didn’t know this,  you probably  think it is silly to name a house.  Yeah, I was right there with ya’.

I’m not sure how or why this tradition started. Maybe it is a way to keep them all straight. I wonder, is this common with all rental homes or is it just a Bear Lake thing?  We are fairly new to the rental scene, so maybe it really isn’t that weird, after all.

I really thought it would be much harder to come up with a name, but my parents came up with one fairly quickly. They wanted a name that would mean something.  Lilac Haven won’t really mean anything to any of our renters, but it is more than just a name to our family.

Come to find out, naming your home isn’t really a new thing. My dad’s grandparents, Richard and Leah Barnes named their home in the Heber Valley, Lilac Haven. From the stories I’ve heard, it was an amazing place complete with a white picket fence, and…you guessed it, LILACS! Leah wrote a poem about Lilac Haven that  has been passed down from each generation. 

Lilac Haven became a special place for their family. It was a place where they could go to be together, to make memories.  Lilac Haven meant a lot to my great grandparents and   their posterity. It has come to mean a lot to me, as I have learned more about my heritage and what family meant to them.

When my parents were first contemplating building this house, it was because they wanted us to have a place where we could all be together.  A place where we could make memories.  This home was only built last summer, but it has already come to mean a lot to us.  It was built by our family, making memories along the way.  Each time we stay at Lilac Haven, it brings us closer, making new memories each time we are there.

Whether you stay at Lilac Haven as a family or with friends, we hope that when you leave, the name will mean something to you, too.